tcl/tk rsync wrapper planned

pobox at pobox at
Tue Oct 17 16:14:02 GMT 2006

Chuck Wolber wrote:
> I've always wanted to have an api like that, but I've always been wary of 
> chasing protocol changes. A wrapper is the simplest way, but it's still a 
> bad approach IMHO. librsync is sort of a good idea too, but the idea still 
> chases the protocols, and it looks pretty dead to boot.
> How do we get rsync itself to expose a language independent programmable 
> API that's cleaner than the fork/exec/commandline model? What would such a 
> thing even look like?

Actually what we thought was to call rsync on the command line. I do not 
know if this is considered bad style. But it is better than replicating 
the rsync know-how into another piece of code - I would consider this as 

We are thinking more about GUI wrapper which is nice for end-users and 
is specifically created for the service we mentioned in the beginning - 
easy creation of remote backup services. This means - somebody with 
server architecture can simply give this application to their clients 
(may be with hard coded server address) - so the only thing they need to 
do is to choose what to backup and to be able to browse the backup in 
order to restore.

Is this different from what you initially imagined?

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