Rsync and DTrace

Carles Pina i Estany carles at
Thu Nov 30 16:45:37 GMT 2006


On Nov/30/2006, diversos wrote:

>  1- How the "-v" switch works? I mean, the rsync "waits" for the
>  terminal is "ready" to display text (stays blocked)?

it seems so. This is the common behaviour in programs. Look, just a find
real    0m12.732s
user    0m0.220s
sys     0m0.804s

And find to /dev/null:
real    0m6.268s
user    0m0.096s
sys     0m0.356s

(of course, before first find I ran a find to keep information in
cache/buffers, etc.)

Try with other programs, I guess that you will have same results. 

>  I want the opinion of the developers to know if the "rsync" can be
>  the "problem" (it was waiting). Or i can continue my investigation on
>  kernel (driver) and gnome-terminal?

try with other programs too, I guess that you will have same "problem".

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