Compressed destination files

Joshua Grauman jnfo-c at
Thu Nov 30 06:29:56 GMT 2006

Thanks for the info. FYI I tried the patch and it appears to have worked. 
I'll keep the list updated if I find any errors...

A couple ideas. Rather than only using the time stamps to determine if 
files need updating the file size could also be used by 1) putting the 
filesize into the new filename (ie test.1231098.doc) or 2) creating a 
separate file with a list of the file sizes for all the files.

Also, it might be nice if rsync added the bz2 extension to the output 
filenames so it was obvious the files are compressed and make it slightly 
easier to decompress (ie without renaming).

Not major concerns, it should work fine with just the time stamps, and 
having to rename isn't a big deal. Just ideas. Thanks to all who work on 


>>  I would like to do an incremental backup using rsync where all the files
>>  at the destination end are compressed (bz2).
> Currently, the only way to make rsync do this is with the experimental
> patch "source-filter_dest-filter.diff", which is distributed in
> "patches/" in the rsync source package.  If you compile a custom
> version of rsync containing this patch, you can specify bzip2 as the
> source or destination filter.  Read the top of the patch for more
> information.  The patch is only a first attempt, so you might not want
> to trust it with your backups yet.
> Matt

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