delete option

Alexandros Papadopoulos apapadop at
Sun Nov 26 20:49:12 GMT 2006

On Saturday 25 November 2006 19:14, Manuel Kissoyan wrote:
> Hi Wayne,

rsync at != wayned

(At least I hope so, for wayned's sanity.

> im using version 2.6.8  protocol version 29 and looks like
> the --delete-during  parameter is not working correctly, if in the sender
> side server i delete a directory with files and directories into it after
> run rsync is not removing that directory/files on the receiver side.
> Any idea?

Please tell us exactly what you're doing, i.e:
+ using an rsync daemon on machine A and/or B
+ and/or running an rsync command on machine B to synchronize data from A to B
+ and/or from B to A 
+ and/or tunneling though SSH and executing a remote command without a server
+ etc etc

> btw: all the delete options is only to delete the receiver side? i mean
> using them will not delete the sender side?

Please read the man page to understand what the delete options are doing. It 
only deletes differences between the two file lists. Since you would not use 
rsync to delete a local file (there are obviously much simpler ways to do 
that), the delete options should refer to files on the remote end, that do 
not exist on the machine initiating the transfer.


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