questions about extended attributes support across *nix & osx (hfs+) filesys

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley at
Sun Nov 26 04:15:50 GMT 2006

On Nov 25, 2006, at 4:41 PM, snowcrash+rsync wrote:
>> > will these dependencies be resolved -- either by bundling req'd
>> > headers with the distro, or by finding/using osx equivalents?
>> What dependencies? The acl and xattr headers are simply part of a
>> normal osx install with developer tools. No fink/etc needed.
> really? then, perhaps, i'm misunderstanding something.

First, to be clear, you are building rsync on Mac OS X, right?
You need at least Tiger.

> before i gave up on the v2.6.9+acl+xattr builds, my attempts had
> complained about a number of undefined symbols, headers, etc.
> to my recollection, at least four referenced & missing headers are:
> 	acls.diff   --> #include "lib/sysacls.h"

Don't enable acl support on osx. It doesn't work. You probably don't  
have ACLs on your files anyways as it has to be enabled on a per- 
filesystem level, and defaults to off.
Supposing rsync did support ACLs on osx, however, it would use:

-r--r--r--    1 root     wheel        6630 Mar 21  2005 /usr/include/ 

> 	xattrs.diff --> "#include "sysxattr.h"

The file you need, which will be found automatically by configure is:
-r--r--r--    1 root     wheel        2367 Mar 26  2005 /usr/include/ 

> 	configure   --> #include <features.h>

Why do you need this file? Although configure mentions it, it's only  
within the context of a 'linux-glibc' clause.

> 	copyfile.h

This is only needed for apple's hack.
rsync 2.6.9 has nothing to do with this file.
This file is also not free and you can't redistribute it.

> each of the above errors was resolved, in part, by installing the
> dependencies i'd mentioned.

I don't understand why you installed rpms onto a mac. Maybe this is  
miscommunication and you are talking about compiling on linux?

If you are compiling 2.6.9 on mac osx tiger, use these commands:
     patch -p1 <patches/acls.diff
     patch -p1 <patches/xattrs.diff
     ./configure --enable-xattr-support
NOTE: I did not enable acl support.

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