questions about extended attributes support across *nix & osx (hfs+) filesys

snowcrash+rsync schneecrash+rsync at
Sat Nov 25 15:41:56 GMT 2006

> > will these dependencies be resolved -- either by bundling req'd
> > headers with the distro, or by finding/using osx equivalents?
> What dependencies? The acl and xattr headers are simply part of a
> normal osx install with developer tools. No fink/etc needed.

really? then, perhaps, i'm misunderstanding something.

before i gave up on the v2.6.9+acl+xattr builds, my attempts had
complained about a number of undefined symbols, headers, etc.

to my recollection, at least four referenced & missing headers are:

	acls.diff   --> #include "lib/sysacls.h"
	xattrs.diff --> "#include "sysxattr.h"
	configure   --> #include <features.h>

none of which, afaict, are part of a normal/developer osx install. of
course, my 'locate' may have simply missed them.  can you point to
their paths/locations on your 'normal' system perhaps?

each of the above errors was resolved, in part, by installing the
dependencies i'd mentioned.

if need be, i can reproduce the build output with missing
symbols/headers errors and post it.


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