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Thu Nov 16 05:23:09 GMT 2006

This probably won't help, but I had a similar problem with rsync 2.6.9.
Cwrsync with rsync 2.6.9 on Windows 2003 server to OpenBSD. (rsync
2.6.8, not using daemon mode)

2.6.8 at both ends worked perfectly.
Upgraded to 2.6.9 just on the Windows box and it would just hang at a
diffent spot each time.
Downgraded the Windows box to 2.6.8 and it works fine again.

I assumed it was something I was doing wrong, so once I got it working
on 2.6.8 I left it alone.
I'm only mentioning it now as I saw someone else with a similar problem
with 2.6.9.


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Did you follow my last instructions?  It sounds like you're talking to
an rsync daemon, so you'll need to make sure that the client is given
the same timeout option on the command-line that the daemon has
configured into it so that it can send periodic keep-alive messages.
Even, then, if your timeout is too short, nothing will avoid some
timeouts except for making it longer.

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