How to process files on the server side after a sync?

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Nov 15 16:42:03 GMT 2006

On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 03:21:02PM +0100, Daniel wrote:
> How would you solve what I try to do: Process files on the server side 
> right after a sync when the client is using the rsync daemon directly 
> through a vpn?

That's what the "post-xfer exec" config item is for.  It doesn't allow
the sender to specify the command (since a daemon doesn't like to trust
the client that much), so if you need different post-xfer commands,
you'll need to either use multiple modules or add logic to your script
to work out what is supposed to happen when.

I'd recommend using 2.6.9 for this, as it has an RSYNC_PID value in the
environment that can make it easy to forward values to the post-xfer
exec command that are only available to the pre-xfer exec command
(should you need that). 


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