How to process files on the server side after a sync?

Daniel diverse at
Wed Nov 15 14:21:02 GMT 2006

I have a low speed (1-3Kb/s) openvpn connection between a server and a 
client, and I sync files once every hour from the client to the server 
with rsync contacting the daemon directly through the vpn tunnel. When 
the files has come in to the server it would like the server to do some 
processing, and there is where I get stuck. I found the --rsync-path 
option and thought I could run a script (which runs another script after 
rsync and process the files) but that seems to work only when a 
remote-shell transport is specified, and not contacting the rsync daemon 

How would you solve what I try to do: Process files on the server side 
right after a sync when the client is using the rsync daemon directly 
through a vpn?

Thank you in advance,

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