Busy file and partial transfer??

Max Kipness max at assuredata.com
Fri Nov 10 01:56:36 GMT 2006


I actually wrote about this issue over a year ago and got a response
from Wayne which I'm thinking resolved the problem. Now I've got the
issue again, even though I removed the option that appeared to be the

Basically I'm using rsync to backup a directory structure on a 2003
Server, and there are a couple of files that are in use and locked. On
is a PST file, and a few others are Quickbooks files.

The Quickbooks files give the appropriate error as:

rsync: send_files failed to open
"/cygdrive/E/Users/XGL-Shared/Accounting/XXXX Holdings/XXXX Holdings,
Inc.QBW": Device or resource busy (16)

rsync: send_files failed to open
"/cygdrive/E/Users/XGL-Shared/Accounting/XXXX Holdings/XXXX Holdings,
Inc.QBW.TLG": Device or resource

Nothing else is logged about these files, and this logging method seems
to be appropriate for locked files.

However, there is a PST file that reports errors as:

rsync: read errors mapping
.pst": Permission denied (13)

The error is actually repeated twice via stderr, but not together (the
quickbooks errors are in between).

Then I get this at the bottom of the stderr stream:

ERROR: E/Users/HomeFolders/mike.xxxx/OutlookFiles/Mike6-24-06backup.pst
failed verification -- update discarded.
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at

The strange thing is the via stdout, I get the following which would
lead me to believe there was an update and the update was transferred


This entry from stdout is also repeated twice, once at the beginning and
once at the end (other file stats in between).

Here is the rsync command being used:

rsync.exe --stats --compress --recursive --archive
--log-format=%f:::%l:::%b:::%i --delete-after
--files-from=backup_selections.txt /cygdrive/ $remoteserver://backup/

A year ago Wayne corrected my rsync command by having me remove the
--partial specified. This logically explained what was happening.

But now what could the problem be? The Quickbooks files are recording
the errors I would expect the PST to give. I really need consecutive
errors to make my process work and notify users.

Also note, that when Outlook is closed and this PST in question is not
in use, it works fine.

Can someone help?


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