Xattr on FreeBSD ... Good Luck ?

Ensel Sharon user at dhp.com
Wed Nov 1 20:57:55 GMT 2006

Thanks for the help on the missing '-p1' for the acl and xattr
patches.  Things are configuring and making properly now.

However, I couldn't help noticing this during the configure:

checking whether to support ACLs... ACLs requested -- running tests
checking for acl_get_file in -lacl... no
checking for ACL support... yes
checking ACL test results... Using posix ACLs
checking for acl_get_perm_np... yes
checking attr/xattr.h usability... no
checking attr/xattr.h presence... no
checking for attr/xattr.h... no
checking whether to support extended attributes... Xattrs requested but
not linux.  Good luck

Note the last line ... if my goal is to have OSX clients rsyncing their
extended attributes files on to my FreeBSD 6.1 UFS2 filesystem ... is that
a reasonable thing to be attempting ?

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