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  To: articles at funny.co.uk
  Date: Fri May 12 13:06:35 2006

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Your computer may be infected with a virus, and this should be checked
and resolved before attempting to resend this or any further email.

If you believe your email has been incorrectly identifed as infected
please contact us at the details below, forwarding a copy of this message to
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Your message may have been classified as a virus based on both its contents and
the mail server which has sent the message to us. If all your spam and virus filters
are up to date on your PC, please disregard this message as it may be the result of
another Internet computer 'forging' your e-mail address when sending out a virus.

The virus detection agent generated the following output:
Report: Report: Windows Screensavers are often used to hide viruses (text.htm      .scr)

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