DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3637] Regression 2.6.6 to 2.6.7 when syncing with 2.6.6 on windows - --no-r

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------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2006-03-28 12:55 MST -------
This is not a regression, this is rsync preventing an incompatible set of
options from causing a hang or a crash.  In older rsyncs, using --delete
without -r would silently drop the --delete options.  Beginning with 2.6.7,
rsync allows --delete to also be used when --dirs is in effect (which it is
with --files-from), but it needs to ensure that the remote rsync is new enough
to handle this combination, or the server might silently drop the --delete
option, and the protocol could corrupt or hang (due to differences in the
exchange of excludes when one side thinks that --delete is in effect and the
other does not).

The 3 ways you can deal with this are:

1. Drop the --delete and --delete-after options (they were ignored before
2. Add the -r option (which will cause all directories referenced in the
--files-from file to be recursively transferred).
3. Upgrade the remote rsync to 2.6.7.

It would have been nice to have generated a helpful error in this circumstance,
but since older versions of rsync silently dropped the --delete option instead
of generating an error that the delete option required --relative, I had to
come up with a creative (and, unfortunately, cryptic) way to ensure that older
versions rejected options that they could not handle properly.

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