rsync and BSD file flags.

Wayne Davison wayned at
Tue Mar 21 22:07:34 GMT 2006

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 03:59:45PM -0500, Jonathan Call wrote:
> rsync: file flags are not supported on this client.

This means that the source was patched (since that message is not around
without the patch) but that it was not configured with chflags support.
Did you run ./prepare_source after applying the patch?  Without that,
configure would not have been updated (you'll need autoconf for that
command to work).

If configure finds the chflags function, it should automatically define
HAVE_CHFLAGS in your config.h.  If not, you could try manually changing
the HAVE_CHFLAGS line in config.h to be "#define HAVE_CHFLAGS 1" and
recompiling (but that shouldn't be necessary).  If you don't have
autoconf around, you could manually add that line to config.h (the make
command you cited would not have been enough to define this for the
programs being compiled).

Also: I noticed a problem with the definition of SUPPORT_FLAGS in the
first patch:  the define wasn't being set early enough in the file.  You
should grab an updated flags.diff patch or manually move the 3 lines
that conditionally define SUPPORT_FLAGS to a spot earlier in rsync.h
(prior to the one spot that checks the define in the file).


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