Rsync 4TB datafiles...?

lsk ellsatish at
Tue Mar 21 18:50:48 GMT 2006

> Also rsync gurus would you suggest which is the fastest way to trasfer this 
> 4 TB data ? Any suggestions...would be of great help. 

I'd recommend doing --inplace, as chances are that data won't move 
within a file with oracle data files (so it's not useful to try to find 
moved data), and copying the 4TB to temp. files every time could become 
a big timewaster. Also the -t option could be handy, not all files 
change all the time IIRC. 


I can't use -t because the oracle datafiles header information are constanly
updated so it will definetely change.

But I have tried various options including --inplace,--no-whole-file etc.,
for last few weeks but all the results show me removing the destination
server oracle datafiles and after that doing an "rsync -vz" from source is
faster than copying(rsyncing) over the old files that are present in

I put list of rsync file commands in a batch file and spawn them so that
they run in background.

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