Rsync 4TB datafiles...?

Paul Slootman paul at
Tue Mar 21 17:23:53 GMT 2006

On Tue 21 Mar 2006, lsk wrote:

> I don't know how it would work if we do rsync with the files--from option ?

I'm not sure how rsync behaves when confronted with a network problem
during a session, so I won't give an answer to that.
However, doing individual files sounds reasonable, so make it a loop:

< dbf-list while read filename; do rsync -vz $filename destser:$filename done

> Also rsync gurus would you suggest which is the fastest way to trasfer this
> 4 TB data ? Any suggestions...would be of great help.

I'd recommend doing --inplace, as chances are that data won't move
within a file with oracle data files (so it's not useful to try to find
moved data), and copying the 4TB to temp. files every time could become
a big timewaster. Also the -t option could be handy, not all files
change all the time IIRC.

As always, get the latest version.

Paul Slootman

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