rsync configured but with little probleam in the end

Ahmed Ndaula andaula at
Sun Mar 19 23:00:06 GMT 2006

Hello Folks,

I am wondering what could be the problem now. I have succeeded in having an
ssh login without password request. Reaching the last stage of creating the, that's where I got the problem. I made this file executable by
running this command
chmod +x

Now, when I run this command (./ to execute it, I get errors
.....complaining of the source on line 53. The errors appear as follows;

:command not line 1:
:command not line 5:
:command not line 8:
:command not line 11:
:command not line 14:
:command not line 17:
:command not line 21:
:command not line 32:
:command not line 35:
:command not line 39:
' home/iearn/rsync/ line 53 syntax error near unexpected token
' home/iearn/rsync/ line 53: 'for source in $SOURCES; do

and line 53 appears as follows in the rbackup;

echo "Verifying Sources..."
for source in $SOURCES; do
    echo "Checking $source..."
    if [ ! -x $source ]; then
     echo "Error with $source!"
     echo "Directory either does not exist, or you do not have proper
     exit 2

Any help is highly appreciated.. I am actually using Apple OS

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