XATTR and extra meta data sync between nodes

Rakesh Kumar Bhatia brakesh at novell.com
Mon Mar 13 11:16:27 GMT 2006


Does Rsync support XATTR sync between nodes?

Using setfattr -n user.line -v 100 <File Name>
           setfattr -n user.creator -v “Rakesh Kumar Bhatia” <File Name>

will create extended attribute for different files.

I used 

rsync -av <source> <destination> to copy the files.

extended attributes are missing in the destination path.

Can use the command 
getfattr -d <file name> to check the XATTR attributes.

What about extra meta data in other file systems?

chattr +i <file Name>  

Can check through lsattr <file name>

I think the above (extra meta data) makes sense only for ext2 and ext2 file system.

rsync -av <source> <destination> to copy the files and found that extra meta data is missing in the destination path.

Please do let me know if I am missing any option for copying and XATTR and meta data.


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