Rsync 2.6.7pre3 released

Wayne Davison wayned at
Thu Mar 2 23:25:16 GMT 2006

I've just released rsync 2.6.7pre3 -- the third, and (hopefully) final
pre-release version of the 2.6.7 release.  Please test this out and
email the rsync mailing list with any questions, comments, bug reports,
etc.  Thanks!

You can download the tar file and its signature from here:

The NEWS file that summarizes all changes since 2.6.6 is here:

The differences between pre2 and pre3 are as follows:

 - Silenced a bogus warning when --list-only was used with a local
   source and a non-existent local destination directory.

 - Allow a single local source arg with no destination arg to imply
   --list-only (just like a single remote source arg always has).

 - Rsync no longer allows a directory to be copied over the top of a
   non-directory (this used to only work for an empty directory).

 - The rsync daemon now logs every connection, even if the socket closes
   before the opening handshake.

 - Fixed an age-old bug in the SIGCHLD handling in a daemon receiver.

 - The --copy-dirlinks option was added.

 - Some optimizations to the sender's checksum hash-table code make it
   use a little less memory.

 - The daemon's "incoming chmod" setting now affects all incoming files,
   even those transferred without the --perms option.

 - Rsync now handles some less common update scenarios better when the
   --no-implied-dirs option was specified.

 - A few other minor tweaks and doc improvements.

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