no true incrementals with rsync?

Tim H tim at
Thu Jun 29 00:25:50 GMT 2006

wayne, ok i wish it worked the way you say it did.
maybe im stupid and im missing something, this is what i did:

(using rsync 2.5.7)

mkdir d1
touch d1/a.txt
touch d1/a.txt
mkdir d2
rsync -va d1/ d2
(both files are copied over as expected)

echo "hello" > d1/a.txt
mkdir d3
(now im going to sync d1 to d3, with d2 as compare dest,
 theoratically, as you say it should, only "a.txt" should be copied
  to d3, since its the only one that changed compared to d2, RIGHT?)

rsync -va --compare-dest=d2  d1/ d3
(it copied both files!  why?)  

echo "test123" >> d3/b.txt
cat d1/b.txt

(AND its not a link!, it was copied)

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> On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 09:02:49AM -0700, tim h wrote:
> > I tried compare-dest... does it automatically hardlink, or does
> > link-dest hardlink or both?
> Just --link-dest uses hard-links.  Using --compare-dest just omits
> matching files from the destination that are up-to-date in the
> compare-dest hierarchy.
> ..wayne..

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