rsync and mysql with users connected

Maarten Boot (CWEU-USERS/CWNL) Maarten.Boot at
Fri Jun 23 16:28:09 GMT 2006


In general one should not backup databases while they are running.

the safest way to backup any database is to switch it off (usually called 
coldmode) and to run in your case rsync.

another way is th run the normal mysql backup commands to a local disk 
location and after the mysql backup is done rsync that to a remote location


On Friday 23 June 2006 18:02, Grignon Mickaël wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to apologise for my bad english (I'm french).
> So I need to Back-up a lot of datas from a place to an another by the way
> of rsync with ssh naturally.
> A good question from my boss was :
> What happened when the mysql database is used by a user during the Backup ?
> Is the system stop the Backup or is it transparency for rsync ?
> Sorry if my question is stupid but I haven't already finish the reading of
> all the documents treating rsync.
> Thanks in advance to your answers and comprehension.
> Oh yes, I forgot an important fact : The Backup is done between SUSE 10.0
> and Mandrake 10.0 so Linux envirronement. Some datas froms Windows will be
> Backuped too. I think we will use a ntfs partition. Some advises about that
> or all is OK and though that don't cause any problems ?
> Mickaël.

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