rsync and mysql with users connected

Grignon Mickaël mgrignon at
Fri Jun 23 16:02:21 GMT 2006


I want to apologise for my bad english (I'm french).

So I need to Back-up a lot of datas from a place to an another by the way of rsync with ssh naturally.

A good question from my boss was : 
What happened when the mysql database is used by a user during the Backup ? 
Is the system stop the Backup or is it transparency for rsync ?

Sorry if my question is stupid but I haven't already finish the reading of all the documents treating rsync.

Thanks in advance to your answers and comprehension.

Oh yes, I forgot an important fact : The Backup is done between SUSE 10.0 and Mandrake 10.0 so Linux envirronement. Some datas froms Windows will be Backuped too. I think we will use a ntfs partition. Some advises about that or all is OK and though that don't cause any problems ?

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