rsync-2.6.8 hangs on AIX

Dominik Vogt dominik.vogt at
Tue Jun 20 13:26:40 GMT 2006

We're copying a large number of 256MiB-files from one
AIX-5.3 machine to anoter, using rsync-2.6.8 (with ssh).  In
the morning, the rsync process stopped to copy any more files
(it is still hanging as I write this, and we can leave it alone for
a couple of days).

There is another machine in between that forwards all tcp
packets to the target machine:

(rsync -z --rsh=ssh --remove-sent-files --partial --relative --files-from=- ./ target:/destdir)

On the "current issues" web page I found this request:

> Q: Rsync appears hung -- what should I do?
> A: When experiencing a hang or freeze please gather the
> following information before killing the rsync process:
>     * The state of the send/receive queues shown with netstat on the two ends.
>     * The system call that each of the 3 processes is stuck in (use truss on solaris, strace on Linux, etc.). 

I'd love to provide that information, but I've no idea how to
gather it on AIX.  Any hints?


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