DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3825] rsync won't delete directory with excluded files

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Sat Jun 10 07:55:51 GMT 2006

------- Comment #2 from vanes002 at  2006-06-10 02:55 MST -------
My problem is the target content is unexpectedly different from the source and
rsync doesn't warn about the difference.  If rsync would emit a warning about
not being able to delete a directory due to its hierarchy containing an
excluded or protected file, that would work for me.  Thus notified, I would
then clean up the target side that wasn't supposed to have had the excluded
file in the first place.

And if the preservation on the target of the containing directory that was
deleted on the source is, indeed, desired, the warning can be silenced by
adding an exclude for the containing directory.

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