DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3825] rsync won't delete directory with excluded files

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Tue Jun 6 21:02:24 GMT 2006

------- Comment #1 from hashproduct+rsync at  2006-06-06 16:02 MST -------
The --exclude filter is equivalent to a sender hide filter plus a receiver
protect filter, and the receiving rsync is correct to block deletion of a
directory because the directory contains protected files.

Evidently you want some of your exclude patterns to behave as a hide only
(temporary files) and others to behave as a hide plus a protect (other sections
of the backup).  Either use --filter="H file.tmp" instead of
--exclude=file.tmp, or use --delete-excluded and use --filter="P
/other-backup-area" in addition to --exclude=/other-backup-area .

Now the fact that --dry-run itemize output differs from actual itemize output
_is_ a bug, in my opinion.  I think it would be most useful if, in either mode,
rsync itemized a directory that it would delete if it weren't for protected
files as follows:

*pinned    dir/

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