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This is the kind of place where EVERY piece of punctuation matters.
-delete    is very unlikely. You probably mean --delete  (two dashes before
a "meaningful" parameter)
    (-delete would be something wierd following a -d)    might be some kind of anonymous
I would expect to see something like user at

The :: (two colons) means that it is speaking rsync protocol
I think there is expected to be a "module" name after the ::
(where module is something in /etc/rsyncd.conf on the server side)
(and generally there is enough stuff that you know (and nobody else knows)
so that it works for you and some passerby like me;)

You should get some better advice from people on this list who actually know
what the're talking about.
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  Hi there I am new to rsync so be gentle

  Ok i install cwRsync and i used the script that came with it but just
added my filename and remote computer.

  right now it says
  rsync -r -delete /c/backup/

  i also tried it with
  rsync -r -delete /cygdrive/c/backup/

  rsync -r -delete /cygdrive/c/backup/

  the error message i get is
  Environment Variable rsync -r -delete /cygdrive/c/backup/ not defined



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