RSync --compare-dest

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Fri Jul 14 00:51:07 GMT 2006

On 7/13/06, Sosin <dupa_blada at> wrote:
> Acutally it doesn't nothing except producing output like this:
> building file list ...
> /long/path/file1
> /long/path/file1
> /long/path/file1
> ...
> sent 238708 bytes  received 42758 bytes  2225.03 bytes/sec
> total size is 1030260483  speedup is 3660.34
> Files are not in /cygdrive/f/backup/prodserver/tuesday/

So rsync copies files to backup-monday/ fine but has trouble copying
to tuesday/ ?  That's very strange.  You might try a higher verbosity
level (-vv or -vvv), or you could trace the system calls rsync is
making using the equivalent of strace for Cygwin.  (Maybe Cygwin has
an actual "strace" command?)


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