What is the best way to provide case insensitivity?

Steve A gmane at rowyerboat.com
Thu Jul 13 01:35:07 GMT 2006


Is this still the only way to make rsync case insensitive, or is there a 
smarter/built-in way that I don't know about?  This is only a part of a much 
larger include file!

- *.[Gg][Ii][Dd]
- *.[Ll][Nn][Kk]
- *.[Oo][Ll][Dd]
- *.[Tt][Ee][Mm][Pp]
- *.[Tt][Mm][Pp]
- [Tt][Hh][Uu][Mm][Bb][Ss].[Dd][Bb]

Many thanks,
Steve :) 

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