DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3925] New: rsync is unable to sync large (approx 4G) sparse files

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Wed Jul 12 20:11:27 GMT 2006

           Summary: rsync is unable to sync large (approx 4G) sparse files
           Product: rsync
           Version: 2.6.8
          Platform: x86
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P3
         Component: core
        AssignedTo: wayned at
        ReportedBy: bjohnson at
         QAContact: rsync-qa at

receiving machine: rsync-2.6.8-1.FC5.1 (Fedora Core 5)
sending machine: rsync-2.6.3-1 (Fedora Core 1)

The following command line parameters are used on the receiving machine:
rsync --rsh=ssh \
      --archive \
      --compress \
      --update \
      --recursive \
      --sparse \
      --progress \
      --exclude-from=excludes.txt \
      --partial \
      --delete \
      --delete-excluded \
    user at sender:'/dest1 /dest2' dest-dir

Two files are complained about.  They are both sparse files and approximately
4G in size.  When rsyncing, the following messages are produced:

  4296024064 100%    5.55MB/s    0:12:18 (xfer#22, to-check=56572/57050)
WARNING: test1/cow failed verification -- update retained (will try again).
  4296028161 100%    5.50MB/s    0:12:24 (xfer#24, to-check=56569/57050)
WARNING: test3/cow failed verification -- update retained (will try again).

then later in the backup:
  4296024064 100%    5.97MB/s    0:11:26 (xfer#30, to-check=56572/57050)
ERROR: test1/cow failed verification -- update retained.
  4296028161 100%    5.75MB/s    0:11:52 (xfer#31, to-check=56569/57050)
ERROR: test3/cow failed verification -- update retained.

Checking the md5sums of the files in question shows that they are not the same.

sending machine:
093426c81424183de9162cc412e46eaf  test1/cow
04f4c4f4cd49160ba696423dd37fe7d2  test3/cow

receiving machine:
5e1cef93f8e5542a097c178bab6b3688  test1/cow
8573a3d344fadd61a38aefdc94e027f5  test3/cow

A second run of rsync does not even attempt to synchronize the files:
user at sender's password:
receiving file list ...
57050 files to consider

sent 145 bytes  received 952528 bytes  20937.87 bytes/sec
total size is 63950448489  speedup is 67127.39

If I remove the files in question from the receiver, and rsync again, the rsync
completes normally.  The md5sums also match.

I see that in the changes to 2.6.7, that --inplace and --sparse can't be used
together because "the sparse-output algorithm doesn't work when overwriting
existing data".  I'm not using --inplace so I don't think this affects me. 
Also, the receiver is 2.6.8, which I believe makes this irrelevent.

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