Linux backup to Windows hard drive and restore using rsync?

milutin at milutin at
Tue Jul 11 06:15:50 GMT 2006


I want to backup my Linux system to remote Windows hard drive.
Rsync can’t create softlink and preserve the EXT3 permission on the 
windows NTFS.
My question is, in case of disaster I want to restore the whole  / /var 
/usr partitions. Will the following restore steps will end in viable Linux.

1) Install the same Linux OS from scratch on new clean partitions.
2) Rsync to restore the data form Windows so that is will overwrite the 
original files with out (if possible?) change the file permission and 
owner info.

This will not break the existing OS symbolic links because there are not 
on the Windows backup.

I'm aware that the services run levels /etc/rc#.d/ will not be restore 
properly because those symbolic link will not be backup in the 1st place.
Any other drawback?

Milutin Voinivich

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