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Sat Jul 8 18:01:45 GMT 2006


I'm translating the document How rsync works to understand exactly how rsync works when it finds modified files. I'm translating "the sender" and I notice a strange fact.

I would like to take an example where a byte is missing in a file.

In facts :
The generator has created a cheksum for the first file to the sender. Then, a checksum is created for the local file beginning at the first byte on the receiver.

Now, knowing that the first file has a byte less than the second.

Will rsync erase the byte in excess on the receiver even if the --delete option is not set ?

I ask that because in case the sender file is bigger than the receiver one, evrything is in the document but I didn't notice the second case or maybe I misunderstood it.

In any case, I hope you will answer me.

Mickaël Grignon.
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