DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3461] rsync is not atomic when temp-dir is on different device

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Sun Jan 29 21:17:12 GMT 2006

------- Comment #7 from wayned at  2006-01-29 14:17 MST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> The traditional use of --temp-dir (I think) is for situations when the
> receiving partition does not have enough free space to accomodate a temporary
> copy of a large file.

Quite so.  Even removing the destination file before doing a copy to a
temp-file name in the destination dir might duplicate the disk space if someone
had the destination file open.

A possible improvement for this option would be to set a minimum file-size that
should use the temp-dir setting.  This way rsync could update smaller files
atomically, and only resort to using the temp-dir on another drive for really
large files.

Re: the patch in comment #5: it doesn't work for a space-conscious user that
has set an absolute --partial-dir path (such as using the same directory as the
--temp-dir setting), so the patch needs extra logic to ensure that the
copy-into-a-partial-dir logic only triggers for relative paths (which is a
simple, 1/2-line change).

FYI, I checked in some doc-improvments for the --temp-file option.

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