DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3461] rsync is not atomic when temp-dir is on different device

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Sun Jan 29 10:30:51 GMT 2006

------- Comment #6 from vanes002 at  2006-01-29 03:30 MST -------
The traditional use of --temp-dir (I think) is for situations when the
receiving partition does not have enough free space to accomodate a temporary
copy of a large file.  Thus, --temp-dir is usually on a different partition,
and the ensuing copy, by necessity, truncates the target file before copying
the updated content.

I would suggest supplementing the --temp-dir documentation with an explanation
of the traditional usage and the above behavior in the case when --temp-dir is
on a different partition.  When the receiver is an active system with live
processes using the files being rsynced, this is an especially important

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