CWRsync and UTF-8

Selena Olioso Selena.Olioso at
Mon Jan 23 17:00:24 GMT 2006

Hi everybody,
I have this situation:
1 pc SLES9 with Rsync Client 2.6.2 set to use the UTF-8 codepage 
1 pc Windows 2000 with CWRsync Server 1.2.1 set to use ISO8859-8 codepage
When I try to syncronize files from the SLES9 with character like à,ù,ò..... to the Windows 2000, they aren't translated correctly.
I try to change the codepage but without success, have you an idea/suggestion for this problem?
Thanks for your help!
Selena Olioso
Microline Networks s.r.l. 
Via G.B. Morgagni, 12 - Verona - Italy
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