using strace with rsync

Ken Senior senior at
Thu Jan 5 22:40:09 GMT 2006


I just installed the latest version of cygwin (1.5.18-1) from on my Windows XP machine.  I have had a lot of success
between Linux boxes but after many months of mixed results I have had much
less than perfect luck with rsync from a Linux box [LOCAL] to a windows
box [REMOTE]---that is, constant hanging.

I have tried to follow the FAQ on using strace to figure out why things
are hanging, but I'm not understanding what gets launched where and in
what order.  I created the rsync-debug script as suggested, but it's
unclear how to use it.  Would you guys mind giving a step-by-step on how
to get this strace info?

For example, let's say on [LOCAL/Linux] I want to issue the command:

rsync -avz user@[REMOTE/Windows]:/path/to/stuff/ dest/on/local/

Do I first launch the rsync-debug on [REMOTE/Windows]?  Do I modify the
above command in order to get things rolling?

Cheers and thanks in advance.


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