rsyncing from windows 2003

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Thu Dec 21 12:04:49 GMT 2006

> I am using rsync in daemon mode running under cygwin on windows 2003.
> When I encounter a file that has a name that is in unicode rsync seems
> to
> missbehave. It changes the name to some combination of ???? and then
> says
> the file no longer exists.
> I googled for this and found that cygwin has issues with unicode but
> nothing
> more. Is there any hope that rsync can handle unicode file names under
> cygwin?
> btw, I am using a suse 10 linux box as the rsync destination.

Rsync does nothing with the names, it passes on what it is given.

It's an issue with Windows and Linux translating names.

Make sure both OSes are using the correct unicode languages?

This issue would probably be in the top 5 FAQs if there was one....

Read the Archives of this list. This keeps coming up every month...

I use cwRsync on windows 2003. With Redhat linux as the destination. No
This is a version of Rsync for use with Windows that just uses the bare
essentials of Cygwin.


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