Passwordless Login from Server 2003 Not Working as Scheduled Task

Leon Vanderploeg leonv at
Mon Dec 18 15:29:48 GMT 2006

I have set up a backup of my Window Server 2003 to a Linux (Ubuntu) box
using RSA for passwordless login.  Everything works fine when I run it
manually from a DOS prompt.  When I run it as a scheduled task, it prompts
for a password.  The ID it runs under as a scheduled task is the same ID I
use when running it from a command prompt, so I don't think it is a problem
with permissions.


BTW, as a test, I also set up my laptop (running XP Home) the same way, and
it works fine as a scheduled task.  Is there something special that needs to
be done to run the rsync client as a scheduled task in Windows Server 2003?


Thanks in advance,





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