Rsync errors

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Sun Dec 17 17:22:07 GMT 2006

On 12/16/06, ilushkin <ilya at> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I'm not such an advance Unix user to [strace rsync]. So far I
> figured that strace is not familar to Freebsd, that I'm using. I really
> appritiate your help. This bug really took most of my time at work. I wish
> that thing were not that complicated. Sometimes I wish that I had some gui
> Microsoft like product to play with. Well, guess God wants me to learn
> things the hard way :)
> Back to the thread, I noticed that rsync gives me such errors when it meets
> a directory with the huge amount of files. Sometimes over 6000. I tried to
> play around with one of those directories by removing the unneeded files,
> and rsync did the job without any complains. But I still have lots of
> directories to sychronize and there is no way I can reduce that amount of
> files. I've heard that rsync can have trouble with the similar issue. Can
> this be related to my problem?

If you're not willing to trace the system calls of rsync, there is
nothing more I can do to investigate the problem.  I do not know of a
connection between directories containing lots of files and write


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