1 file of 16000 always being updated

Fabiano Bonin fabiano at personalsoft.com.br
Fri Dec 8 14:15:34 GMT 2006

Hi all!

I'm trying rsync synchronizing some directories with about 16.000 files.
After the first synchronization, the others are transfering just the
changed files, as it is expected to be, except for 1 single file, that
is not changed (size or time) and is being transfered in all

The file is called JSPWiki.war, and is a java war file.

I checked the size and times on both servers and they are exactly the same.

Both servers are using Fecora Core (4 and 5 respectivelly)

The command i'm using is:

rsync -Cravz --bwlimit=2 --progress --partial --delete-excluded
--files-from=/share/scripts/rsync.incluir /

What should be causing this behaviour?



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