2.6.9 , problem with acl patch

snowcrash schneecrash at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 23:56:00 GMT 2006

before being warned-off ACLs on osx, this had been part of my issue,
addresed in an earlier thread here,


i'd found these symbols originate in libacl (e.g., cref
which i did not find on osx.

i never did find the original source's home page, but _was_ able to
extract the needed src from,



    rpm2cpio acl-2.2.39-1.1.src.rpm > acl-2.2.39-1.1.cpio
    cpio -idm < acl-2.2.39-1.1.cpio
    gnutar zxvf acl_2.2.39-1.tar.gz

but, as mentioned, i "gave up" on acls -- not needing them atm -- and
got no further.

hth a little.

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