make errors, rsync 2.6.9 with acls patch

david macosxforme at
Tue Dec 5 01:46:35 GMT 2006

On Dec 4, 2006, at 7:37 PM, snowcrash wrote:

> fwiw, i build v269 on OSX client (PPC).
> in earlier chat, i was instructed to
>  patch -p1 <patches/acls.diff
>  patch -p1 <patches/xattrs.diff
> to the v269 src, but then,
>  ./configure \
>  --disable-acl-support \    <---- DISable, after APPLYing the patch
>  --enable-xattr-support \
>  ...
> to avoid ACL's not being implemented 'correctly' (or some such ...)
> seem that you need/want ACL support (i haven't read the whole thread
> here), so this may be of no use.
> but, building as above, i have no issues on OSX (other than mtime not
> being preserved, but i guess that's being dealt with in cvs).

Hi, thanks. Yes, I'm able to build it just fine without ACL support.  
Longer-term (next few/several weeks), yes, ACL support will be quite  
important and I was very happy to find out about these patches for  
the new version(s) of rsync.

My thanks to all involved in the work (not just the patches but rsync  
in general). It's an invaluable tool and the though of a version that  
properly handles extended attributes -and- ACLs (Apple's doesn't -  
not both, not without failing) is indeed something to get excited about.

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