make errors, rsync 2.6.9 with acls patch

snowcrash schneecrash at
Tue Dec 5 00:37:26 GMT 2006

fwiw, i build v269 on OSX client (PPC).

in earlier chat, i was instructed to

  patch -p1 <patches/acls.diff
  patch -p1 <patches/xattrs.diff

to the v269 src, but then,

  ./configure \
  --disable-acl-support \    <---- DISable, after APPLYing the patch
  --enable-xattr-support \

to avoid ACL's not being implemented 'correctly' (or some such ...)

seem that you need/want ACL support (i haven't read the whole thread
here), so this may be of no use.

but, building as above, i have no issues on OSX (other than mtime not
being preserved, but i guess that's being dealt with in cvs).

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