DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3825] rsync won't delete directory with excluded files

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Fri Aug 25 21:11:09 GMT 2006

------- Comment #10 from vanes002 at  2006-08-25 16:11 MST -------
Matt - I finally got around to examining/testing your patch (during summers in
Minnesota I have other, higher priority things to do :D).  It's a very large
patch which goes well beyond the scope of this bug report.  I like your efforts
to report the precise nature of a failure to perform a specific task, but I
can't speak to anything in particular outside my specific issue.

The output of my demo script using a patched rsync with -v is the same as
before except that --dry-run no longer reports that it will (attempt to) delete

With -vv, the output on both normal and --dry-run is now:

building file list ... 
deleting in .
[generator] protecting file dir/file.tmp because of pattern file.tmp
protected file dir/file.tmp pins parent directory
deleting dir/file.txt
dir is pinned

The "protected file ..." and "dir is pinned" messages are new compared with
unpatched rsync output.  The "protected file ..." message is good.  In the
other message, rather than used the term "pinned", I would suggest something

{dirname}/ cannot be deleted because it contains a protected/excluded file

I would also argue that the message should be emitted regardless of -v options
since it indicates that rsync is unable to perform an expected operation.

Now we wait for Wayne to chime in with his opinion...

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