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Fri Aug 25 22:25:59 GMT 2006

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Thanks for testing the patch!

> I would also argue that the message should be emitted regardless of -v options
> since it indicates that rsync is unable to perform an expected operation.

I disagree.  Rsync is not /unable/ to delete the directory; it merely chooses
not to delete the directory because you gave it a protect filter (or an exclude
filter that implies a protect filter).  It's not an error when one requested
behavior (the protect filter) takes priority over another (--delete).

You have to decide what you want.  If you want rsync to delete the directory,
use a hide filter instead of an exclude filter, or give the parent-protect
flag.  If you want rsync not to delete the directory, continue to use an
exclude filter; if you want it to remind you why it isn't deleting the
directory, use -vv.

> {dirname}/ cannot be deleted because it contains a protected/excluded file

Sure, that is clearer to users, but I would change "cannot be deleted" to "was
not deleted".

> Now we wait for Wayne to chime in with his opinion...

And we wait... :)

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