Invalid File Index error

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cwRsync version 2.0.8 uses newer versions of cygwin (1.5.20) and openssl
(0.9.8b). Problems might be related to them as well. There is also a new
cygwin version 1.5.21 out there now. I recommend to check if upgrade to
1.5.21 or downgrade to 1.5.19 can help.
Rgrds Tev


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Subject: Invalid File Index error

Since upgrading to 2.6.8 with the tag 3 patch, I’ve been consistently
getting an error using rsync.  We have about 100 servers using the client to
a central backup server and the issue is repeatable on the servers having
the problem.  About 10 of the servers are having the problem.  The error
reported by rsync is:


Invalid file index: -1019607330 (count=8353) [sender]

rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at sender.c(169) [sender]


The number following the “index: “ and count= values are different by
machine.  They occur consistently in the same place on each machine, for
example, following a particular file backup.  Using the –vvv option only
shows the file before the error finishing and then the same error (no new
logging information).


The build was created by Tev at <>
and I’ve also posted this to his forum.  I was wondering if anyone else was
experiencing the problem.


Version: rsync 2.6.8 with tag 3 patch

Running over OpenSSH tunnel (running in background, not as part of rsync
command line)


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