Invalid File Index error

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Mon Aug 7 21:11:59 GMT 2006

Since upgrading to 2.6.8 with the tag 3 patch, I've been consistently
getting an error using rsync.  We have about 100 servers using the client to
a central backup server and the issue is repeatable on the servers having
the problem.  About 10 of the servers are having the problem.  The error
reported by rsync is:


Invalid file index: -1019607330 (count=8353) [sender]

rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at sender.c(169) [sender]


The number following the "index: " and count= values are different by
machine.  They occur consistently in the same place on each machine, for
example, following a particular file backup.  Using the -vvv option only
shows the file before the error finishing and then the same error (no new
logging information).


The build was created by Tev at <>
and I've also posted this to his forum.  I was wondering if anyone else was
experiencing the problem.


Version: rsync 2.6.8 with tag 3 patch

Running over OpenSSH tunnel (running in background, not as part of rsync
command line)


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