Permissions causing full backups?

Link McGinnis link2 at
Thu Apr 27 18:21:18 GMT 2006

I am using rsync/rsnapshot on Windows XP (via cygwin) to backup to a mapped
share (/u) on a Linux server.  I’m hoping to get this to work so that I
don’t have to open an XP share to the network for Linux “pull” backups.


My current setup doesn’t seem to give me incremental backups.  See the “du”

$ /usr/bin/du -csh /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.0/
/cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.1/ /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.2/ 


35M     /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.0/

9.0M    /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.1/

9.0M     /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/daily.2/

54M     total


This looks like some kind of incremental but there are two problems:

1.  I’ve not changed any files between rsyncs (so there shouldn’t even be

2.  When I use the –i option, the files being copied are copied because of

.f...p... /cygdrive/c/Documen….

(ok, 3 problems..)

3.  I can change a file on in the “daily.#” areas and none of the other
(supposedly linked) files get changed.



Here are the main points of my rsnapshot.conf:

snapshot_root    /cygdrive/u/docs_bkup/

#cmd_cp           /usr/bin/cp

cmd_rm            /usr/bin/rm

cmd_rsync        /usr/bin/rsync

interval  daily     3


# I’ve tried several configurations…this is the current one…

rsync_short_args           -arltgoDvzi

rsync_long_args            --delete --numeric-ids --relative
--delete-excluded --modify-window=1


#If tested this both ways…

# 0-> seems to copy less and du reports less space.

link_dest           1


# just a test source – hard to see the destination, but it’s “.”

backup  /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/Link/My Documents/My Music .


Any ideas or other things I can provide to help with this troubleshooting?




Link McGinnis



Cedar Springs Christian Stores

504 N. Peters Rd

Knoxville, TN 37931

865-246-2042 x225


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