deletion those files from destination directory, that no longer exist in source directory.

Pawel null7 at
Wed Apr 26 13:21:53 GMT 2006

Wayne Davison writes:
 > On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 04:20:48PM +0200, Pawel wrote:
 > > prompt# rsync --delete /tmp/dir1/* /tmp/dir2/
 > This is mentioned specifically in the man page:
 > --delete
 >   This tells rsync to delete extraneous files from the receiving side
 >   (ones that aren't on the sending side), but only for the directories
 >   that are being synchronized.  You must have asked rsync to send the
 >   whole directory (e.g. "dir" or "dir/") without using a wildcard for
 >   the directory's contents (e.g. "dir/*") since the wildcard is expanded
 >   by the shell and rsync thus gets a request to transfer individual
 >   files, not the files' parent directory.  Files that are excluded from
 >   transfer are also excluded from being deleted unless you use the
 >   --delete-excluded option or mark the rules as only matching on the
 >   sending side (see the include/exclude modifiers in the FILTER RULES
 >   section).
 > ..wayne..

thank You for detailed expalanation
Now I understand where was my mistake.


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