cwRsync : send all output to a file

Hamish Robertson hamish at
Tue Apr 25 21:31:58 GMT 2006


I have been using cwRsync on some Windows boxes, backing up to a Linux server.
I have found some issues which files being open and not being copied etc, so I
decided that I would log the output from the rsync command on the Windows
clients so that I can look at them.

On the Windows boxes, I put the rsync command in a batch file and run that
automatically each evening.

However, if I simply open DOS and do:

call "/path/to/batch.bat" >> "/path/to/logfile.log"

Then all I get in the logfile is the list of files transferred etc. That is,
all of the information about what worked.

In the DOS screen, I get left with the errors (eg Permission Denied, or "rysnc
cannot contact the srever" etc). These are the items I really want in my log

Can anyone tell me of a way to get all of the log information put into the log


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