Problems with rsync, large files and partial.

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Apr 24 15:37:09 GMT 2006

On Mon 24 Apr 2006, Panos Koutsoyannis wrote:
> - I use rsync over ssh to sync over our wan.
> - I sync over an 8 hour window every night.
> - After 8 hours if the sync is not complete, it gets
> killed and restarts the next evening.

How do you kill it? Via kill -9?

> - I do notice a bunch .file_name.gibberish in the
> target  directory which is the partial backup, but it
> does not seem to use them in subsequent tries.
> It just seems the right thing to do would be for the
> rsync to continue where it left off the night before,
> but it doesn't.
> - Here is my command
> rsync --archive --verbose --progress -partial --stats
> -e ssh

With --partial it should rename the .file_name.gibberish file to
file_name when interrupted, so that it can resume using the partial file
as a start (which it won't do with .file_name.gibberish).
That's why I suspect you're not stopping rsync "politely"...

Paul Slootman

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